Chemistry/Pre-Professional, BS


The Chemistry Preprofessional major prepares students for careers outside chemistry — particularly in the health sciences. The program covers all the coursework required for admission to most health-related postgraduate schools, including

  • medicine
  • dentistry
  • optometry
  • osteopathic medicine
  • pharmacy
  • biotechnology

Delaware State provides undergraduates with wide latitude to pursue independent research. Students enjoy the opportunity to design their own studies, analyze results, and present their findings — while gaining valuable preparation for graduate school or the work force.

Professional Preparation

Students who graduate with a Chemistry Preprofessional degree are equipped for a wide range of careers. Their laboratory, research, and analytical skills are sought after by employers within a number of rapidly growing industries. These employers include

  • pharmacies
  • drug manufacturers
  • hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices
  • energy firms
  • environmental companies
  • law enforcement laboratories


Members of the Delaware State chemistry faculty are highly committed to undergraduate education. Because the department is small and intimate, instructors can provide individual attention to each student, acting as mentors and advisors as well as classroom educators. They help students discover their academic strengths and establish solid foundations for graduate school and career development.

Research and Experience

The Delaware State chemistry department encourages undergraduates to get involved in research. The university hosts nine chemistry research labs and three multipurpose labs, all equipped with high-end instrumentation and advanced computer technology. Undergraduates often play significant roles in the research process. Delaware State’s research emphases include hydrogen fuel cells, forensic chemistry, environmental chemistry, and pharmaceuticals.

The department maintains a very active student chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The chapter provides opportunities for students to present research findings, interact with professional chemists and researchers, take field trips to chemistry-related companies, and more.

Required Courses

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