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Policies and Fees

Hour of operations

9AM-5PM Monday to Friday

Equipment Scheduling

Initial training

Each user, to be allowed to operate an instrument without supervision, must go through the two following sessions:

  • Initial training: During this session, the imaging center staff will demonstrate the instrument safe operation and principle.
  • Supervised session: For the second use of the instrument, the trained user operates the instrument under the supervision of the imaging center staff to verify that the user understands the operation of the instrument.

Scheduling procedure

  • Any use of instrument must be scheduled at least one day in advance.
  • Usage without reservation will not be accepted.
  • User with proper training must send an email to: Dr. Wafa Amir, Director of Imaging, wamir [at] desu.edu, with the following information:
    • Instrument to use, date and duration
    • Name of person using the instrument
    • Assisted or non-assisted use
    • Specification of PI and project to charge the fees from.

Cancelation and no-shows

Cancelations must be received via email one day prior to appointment start or investigator will be billed as a no-show. No-shows will be billed for full scheduled appointment time. Email any cancelations to Dr. Wafa Amir: wamir [at] desu.edu.

Log book

Each instrument has a logbook. All users need to write their name, PI, hour of operation, and any special event occurring during the instrument use for unsupervised use.

Sample and waste policies

Billing and user fees

User categories:

  • Internal user: Any student, researcher or faculty from Delaware State University.
  • External user: Any non-industrial personnel outside of Delaware State University, affiliated with an academic or government institution, or a non-profit organization.
  • Industrial user: Anyone affiliated with an industrial organization (excluding non-profit)

Instrument list and fees

Please refer to the “imaging center policies” file. 

Acknowledgments / Co-authorship Policy:


Investigators are requested to recognize the role of the Optical Science Research Imaging Center in producing data for publication in the acknowledgement section of manuscripts and posters presented to meetings and conferences. This is critical of demonstrating the importance of the imaging center to the research conducted at Delaware State University and with our external collaborators and will help to secure additional equipment and funding. To keep track of publications linked to the imaging center, authors should submit a copy of the manuscript and the poster as a PDF to the director of the imaging center.


Co-authorship agreements will be made before the commencement of the study and staff member included as an author should have the opportunity to review the manuscript prior to publication.

Co-authorship may be requested in the following instances:

  • Significant intellectual contribution to experimental design
  • Extensive analysis and/or interpretation of data
  • Preparation of data for the purpose of publication