Math Study Help

A solid foundation in mathematics is essential to your continuing success as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) major. Historically, research has suggested a strong correlation between a student’s performance in mathematics, critical thinking/problem solving skills and retention within the STEM major over the course of a college student’s undergraduate experience. Math, especially, tends to be a challenging subject area (a gatekeeper course, preventing a student from going forward if it is not successfully passed) so getting help early and as often as necessary is key to your success as a future STEM professional.

There are several on-campus resources available that can provide you with in-person, as well as on-line help with learning fundamental concepts. Speak to your academic advisor for assistance in identifying what options may work best for you.  

Below is a compilation of websites that can help you with getting a solid understanding of important concepts in Mathematics:


In addition, here are some other resources you should investigate: